28 October 2008

Day 1: The Beginning of Homeownership

Today, we went to close on our first house at 3:30. Ken Nelson has been the hardest working, most accommodating realtor I have ever worked with. I recommend him to anyone to anyone in the Wichita Falls area who needs to buy or sell a house. We will definitely use him again. We signed our names about thirty times and then got the keys to our first home. We are officially homeowners. Jim went to Albertson's to pick up some sparkling grape juice and I went back to the apartment to get some glasses (I had already packed them) and grab some cleaning supplies. We went to our new house, checked everything out, and toasted to home ownership. I had a little time before having to be at class so I did some cleaning and took some pictures to share with people who don't live in Wichita Falls. After class that evening, my Mom and sister, Emily, wanted to go see the house, so we ran over there. Mom is going to let me borrow her floor buffer/cleaner to clean the floors. My goal is to have them done by the end of the week.

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