19 October 2009

Time Analysis

As anyone who reads this blog already knows (all six of you), Sarah has jumped from the Blogger ship to start a Wordpress blog. Honestly...I blame Chelsea and her awesome blog for driving her away! With that said, Life on Dayton has been turned over to me. At some point in the near future, it will probably undergo a facelift so that it's really macho! (Rigggggghhhhhhttttt.....if by macho you mean lots of plants and/or fleece. What can I say? I am who I am)

Actually, it will become my gardening journal/blog and I promise myself and you that it will be updated every Monday and Friday at least. I know that the most important thing about having a blog is regularly posting so, that's my promise. I also may ask for input over the next few weeks as I try some different layouts/blog design choices so bear with me. Now, on to the important things...

The theme of this week for our family is time analysis (see also incredibly creative subject line). Sarah and I have both been convicted about where our time "goes" and how (un)productive we are with it. I have also enjoyed the added conviction that my life has become very worldly and I have lost an eternal focus. So, as part of some other things which God is doing in me, I am keeping track of how I spend non-work/non-sleep time this week. It will be instructive and, hopefully, life-changing (CHANGE being the key word there). So, check back here next Monday for a full report.

In the meantime, let me point you to tonight's dinner. Easy, quick, filling, and very good! See you Friday (if not before!)

03 October 2009

Fried Rice With Egg

This recipe is a Johnson favorite go-to meal whenever there isn't time to fix a large one because it takes less than 20 minutes.

Leftover rice is ideal but not necessary- it will just be bit more mushy if you haven't refrigerated it.

3 tbsp. oil
1 tsp. minced garlic
1 tsp. ginger
3-4 cups cooked rice
3 eggs lightly beaten
Soy Sauce to taste (I like lots!)
Salt and Pepper

Cook the rice according to package directions.
Place the oil in a large wok or skillet and turn the heat to high. A minute later, add the garlic and ginger, stirring constantly for 1 minute. Turn the heat down a little bit, and add the rice, a little bit at a time, crumbling it with your fingers to eliminate lumps if necessary. Stir frequently for 3 minutes. Make a little whole in the center of the rice and pour in the eggs. Scramble, incorporating them gradually with the rice as you bring bits of the rice back to the center. Add the soy sauce and stir. Add salt and pepper if necessary and serve!

01 October 2009

Update on 101 in 1001

Here's an update on what's been going on with my 101 in 1001 list: I have 923 days left...
I've completed 7 items!
#1- We paid off Corolla (in a round about way)
#39- I read the first Harry Potter book
#74- I visited IKEA
#75- I regrouted my shower
#76- I reorganized my bathroom
#94- I completed dressing appropriately for work (and still do)
#97- I got a new pair of glasses thanks to my Mom (they were a birthday present)

I've FAILED at 1 item:
#50- I didn't do a "Wayback Wednesday Post" each Wednesday

I'm currently working on items:
#2- So far, I've saved $70 because of completed items!
#3- So far, I've put back $10 to donate to charity because of my FAIL
#13- I'm working on Week 2 of 24 of walking my dogs twice a week
#19- So far, each dog has gotten their frontline and interceptor each month since July
#42- I got the newest photoshop on my computer at work so I'm learning quickly!
#45- so far I've made A's on my first two tests of the semester
#46- Hopefully, this puts me on track to get A's in half my classes
#48- I'm collecting the photographs of my 7 completed items
#49- This is my October update!
#51- I sent 2 letters this month- only 3 more to go before having 1 out of 6 months completed
#54- We have visited grandparents at least 1x a month since July!
#70- I completed September birthday's which makes 1 out of 10 times
#71- I babysat for my Mom once on August 1st (1 out of 10)
#81- With the calendar I bought from Office Depot, I've made this a habit!

So, that's where I'm at!