31 October 2008

Our First Non-Family Visitors

Last night, we went to the house because some of our dear friends were coming by to see it. First, the Frank's arrived, Hixon, Margie, Sydney, and Gray. They loved it and it was good to know that others loved our house as much as we did. We talked for a while, but then they had to go, and left us to get back to cleaning. Right before we were about to leave, Julie Johnson came by. She said she knew a guy that lived in this house way back, and he had done most of the major renovations. Thanks to whoever you are!! She loved the house too, and said it was one of the cutest houses in Wichita Falls! I can't wait to get our things in it to make it our home.

30 October 2008

Electicity, Water, Cleaning, OH MY

I went by the house today and we had water and electricity! AWESOME! I was able to finish sweeping the house. There were lots of roaches everywhere, especially in the sunroom. I didn't mind the random one that was in a room here and there, but if there were like 10 in one room, it did gross me out a little. What was even more disgusting was when I swept them, it apparently gave them a second wind and some of them actually started moving. SICK!

Tonight, through Sunday evening, we are keeping Zoey, Jim's parent's dog. Tomorrow night, we have Fall Festival at our church. Jim and I are dressing up as Texas Rangers, baseball players that is; he is David Murphy and I'm going to be Josh Hamilton. Not exciting or super creative, but we love the Texas Rangers, and Murphy and Hamilton have to be a few of the favorites.

29 October 2008

Changing the address and Home Depot

Today, after eating lunch with Jim and his Mom at On The Border, I went to the post office to turn in our change of address form. Then, I went to Home Depot. I wanted to look at some paint cards, pick some potential paint colors, and get a tape measure. On the way to the check out lanes, I see my Mom come walking in the door to vote. Perfect timing because as I go to pay for my goodies, I realize my wallet is in the Target bag sitting on my dining room table. DANG! Thankfully, Mom paid for it, and so all is well. Hopefully, I can go take some pictures and get some measurements later.

28 October 2008

No electricity

Well, I was hoping that when I went back to our new house this evening after work, there would still be electricity, but there wasn't. Bummer...it will be turned on Thursday. There was still plenty to do.

Jim's parents came by to look at things and give some ideas/offer to buy stuff for us which is always wonderful. Parent's are great!

In the bedrooms, there is something on the floors that looks like someone tried to glue an area rug to the floor and it won't come off with the buffer. So tonight, I attacked it with Goo Gone and a scraper and didn't have much luck. I will be going to Lowe's or Home Depot tomorrow to see what they can give me.

Let the cleaning begin!

I went to Target to stock up on cleaning supplies, and a candle for the new house at 8:30 this morning. When I got to the house, I just jumped right in. I swept the living room and then buffed it with this wood floor cleaner and polish that my Mom got for us. It took about an hour to do, and then I had to re-sweep all the junk that the buffer pulled off the floor. It looked like I hadn't even swept the first time. Then I cleaned windows on the two doors that go out to our side porch. It felt good to accomplish something. I had to quit around 11 to come home and shower and get ready for the day.

Day 1: The Beginning of Homeownership

Today, we went to close on our first house at 3:30. Ken Nelson has been the hardest working, most accommodating realtor I have ever worked with. I recommend him to anyone to anyone in the Wichita Falls area who needs to buy or sell a house. We will definitely use him again. We signed our names about thirty times and then got the keys to our first home. We are officially homeowners. Jim went to Albertson's to pick up some sparkling grape juice and I went back to the apartment to get some glasses (I had already packed them) and grab some cleaning supplies. We went to our new house, checked everything out, and toasted to home ownership. I had a little time before having to be at class so I did some cleaning and took some pictures to share with people who don't live in Wichita Falls. After class that evening, my Mom and sister, Emily, wanted to go see the house, so we ran over there. Mom is going to let me borrow her floor buffer/cleaner to clean the floors. My goal is to have them done by the end of the week.