30 October 2008

Electicity, Water, Cleaning, OH MY

I went by the house today and we had water and electricity! AWESOME! I was able to finish sweeping the house. There were lots of roaches everywhere, especially in the sunroom. I didn't mind the random one that was in a room here and there, but if there were like 10 in one room, it did gross me out a little. What was even more disgusting was when I swept them, it apparently gave them a second wind and some of them actually started moving. SICK!

Tonight, through Sunday evening, we are keeping Zoey, Jim's parent's dog. Tomorrow night, we have Fall Festival at our church. Jim and I are dressing up as Texas Rangers, baseball players that is; he is David Murphy and I'm going to be Josh Hamilton. Not exciting or super creative, but we love the Texas Rangers, and Murphy and Hamilton have to be a few of the favorites.

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