05 November 2008

Weird Things Happen

Yesterday, I went to Target and bought more rolls of cabinet liner. Today, after Botany and before lab (between 10 and 2ish) I was going to work at the house and see what I could get done. Also, the previous owners were going to come by and pick up the money for the table we bought from them. When I pulled up into the driveway, I was getting out and noticed that the side door was opened. What the heck? How did that happen? So I tried to call my Mom but couldn't get her. Then I called Jim's Mom and told her I wanted to be on the phone with someone while I went and checked things out. I have no idea how the door just "blew" open. It wasn't locked and Jim was the last one over there. However, he is a freak about locking doors; he will check them two or three times to make sure that it won't open, so I can't imagine that Jim wouldn't lock the door. Hmmm....creepy. Needless to say, I lined cabinets and came home. I texted the previous owner and told him where the money was and to text me when he got it.

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