31 January 2009

Back in business...

Sarah here! 

I got to sleep in this morning, and when I woke up around 930, Jim came in and said he had something to apologize for. I got really worried; what had he done? Wrecked my car into the gate? Deleted a TV show I had recorded and really wanted to watch? No, he had just deleted the background off the blog. NO BIG DEAL! 

So, we are back up and running, a little toned down this time, with some new and updated pictures. The picture of Jim and I is from our Christmas Eve service at our church. The church rented snow making machines so that when you came outside, it was snowing. A fun thought...

The picture of Janey is from January 27th, our big ice day. She was being super cute, and so I had to snap a picture. Such a good girl! 

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