18 January 2009

January so far at the Johnson's

Life has been crazy busy since we got back from DC. I started my new job as the Administrative Assistant to the Junior High and College ministers at my church. Jim got ALL of his seeds in, and there are a LOT, and is busy making plans on planting. They, unfortunately, have to start out in my house in these trays on a card table. I'm not really excited about it, but the rest of my house is a mess so why not add some dirt trays. 

Tuesday, I start school, so I'm anxious to see how my schedule is going to be. 

Today, I played my first indoor soccer game and quickly realized how out of shape I am. We won, so that's good, but my step-sister roller her ankle so that is not good. Hope she gets better!

Tomorrow (and I realize I have laid these things out in the complete wrong order) my step dad is having major hip replacement surgery. There is a good chance he may not make it through....keep him in your prayers.

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Sarah said...

Your step dad is in our prayers.