06 March 2009

Recap of the Week

Sarah here. I've been mostly absent from the blogging world because of Disciple Now. For those of you who don't know why this would keep me busy, let me enlighten you. I (and another administrative assistant, Samantha) were in charge of getting together a weekend for our 7th-12th grade students in the area. This included finding people to open up their homes to host 8-12 students at their houses, finding co-hosts who would come along side them to help out, Bible Study leaders who would also be in the homes, teaching 5 sessions, writing one of the lessons, getting all necessary paperwork and bills done, budgeting, ordering, re-ordering, keeping up with who has paid what and when, who has registered, assigning kids to homes (which is a large task because people go crazy if you don't put them with their friends) and then orchestrating anything I've left out. We hosted just at 300 students so it's a big undertaking. It was this past weekend, and it was incredibly successful.

So this week has been my refresh from Disciple Now week. I had to catch up on homework, housecleaning, and sleep. All (for the most part) has been accomplished.

I'm continuing to work out and counting calories to try and lose weight. Most days its okay, but I had no idea it would be so hard to count calories. It's easy when you eat something pre-packaged, like yogurt or a lean cuisine, but Jim made delicious chicken georgia last week, and you just have to guesstimate. This is really hard for me, because I am person of exacts. Don't give me round about answers or instructions- tell me what you want done and exactly how you want it done and I'll do it. Also, I am still hanging on to my Dr. Pepper, just in moderation.

School is an incredible disappointing, discouraging, and depressing point in my life right now. I have now dropped two classes this semester (down to two classes, one online) which dropped me below half time (because the online class is only two credit hours, not three) and my school loans were canceled. Financial Aid is so confusing! I had to sit with a counselor, as she explained the consequences of my decision, and laid everything out. Nothing major is going to happen, but I felt like a little kid in that office.

Because of working full time, online classes are preferred so I don't have to be gone from work so much. However, not a lot of upper sociology/pyschology classes are offered online at MSU. I started looking around the internet for online programs, but I'm so close to being finished that Jim's advice was to stay at MSU, take one, maybe two classes a semester, and be done. I have 6 classes left to take. I just want to be done already.

At this point, I'm just negating the need for a degree. My plans sort of changed once I got married and once I started to realize the importance and desire I have to stay home with my children. I started out in sociology because it was interesting to me and was the study of people and societies. I was going to be going into the ministry and after graduating, was going to head to seminary. The Upward position I held taught me a lot about minsitry and myself, and I learned that I didn't want to be the in-front person of any minstry. I couldn't handle dealing with people; turns out, just like learning about them. I would still like to go to seminary some day, but it's not in the near future.

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