31 July 2009


So, I was trying to wait to get pictures to post before putting up my vacation wrap up post. But, I'll just have to share photos later.

We left Friday. My Mom had left with my 5 youngest brothers and sister in the van at 3:30 and Jim and I drove in my Mom's new car (Nissan Altima- it's so hot! I love driving it!) with my sister and her boyfriend, Gary. On a GPS system, the time for the trip, no stops, and with traffic was 6 and a half hours. (Lumberton is just north of Beaumont). We left at 5, stopped twice, and did in fact arrive before 11:30. The funny thing was that about an hour away from Lumberton, we caught up with my Mom who had to stop a few more times than we did. But, that's what happens when you travel with small children.

We stayed with my aunt and uncle! Saturday, we laid around after a good breakfast (cinnamon rolls and bacon) while my aunt (who is a photographer) took my sister to take some of her Senior Pictures. (Here is a video of her work!) Then we went to the Beaumont Country Club to swim our life away! Dinner that night was fabulous! Shrimp Bruchette (Sp?) Catfish, beans, and much more! It was sooo good! (Granted- I did get sick because of all the "fried"ness, but it was soo good!)

Sunday, we had biscuits and gravy, and then packed up to head to the beach! So much fun, again! So relaxing and a great time! We were all exhausted and sandy when we got home. We cooked out hamburgers and then hit the hay.

Monday, we were sad to leave, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Jim and I drove the mini van home (and with an added body- my oldest cousin came with us because he is going on the Mission Trip next week with our Junior High group at our church) and I thought Jim was going to go craazy! It was a good lesson in family planning!

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