04 August 2009

Update on Sarah's 101 in 1001

I'm officially on day 24 of my 101 in 1001 project. Here's what's going on with the list:

1. Finish paying of the Toyota Corolla- - ->Now that Jim’s school loans are paid off, we are able to now start putting extra money toward to the principle of my car to pay it off sooner!

19. Give the dog’s frontline and interceptor on time every month - - -> July was on time! Only 33 more months left...

46. Get A’s in 3 of my remaining 6 classes - - -> As of today, I have changed my degree program from a Degree in Sociology (which would have been pretty worthless without a masters) to a Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences (which is probably the easiest bachelor degree I can attain at this point). A positive to this is that I now only have 4 classes left and will (crossing my fingers) graduate in May 2010. Yay!

49. Update my blog once each month on 101 in 1001 - - -> Here is my first blog update within the first 30 days of beginning! Again, only 33 more months to go...

50. Do a “My Day in 6 Words” post each week - - -> I'm not as good at this as I thought I was going to be (it's hard to be creative with six words), so it's being changed. I will be doing a Wayback Wednesday post each week instead, becaue those are more interesting! So, check back tomorrow for it!

54. Visit grandparents once a month - - -> I went over to Jim's grandparents last Wednesday to hang out while the Pastor from our church came to visit/meet them. It was a lot of fun! Next month, I'm going to visit my grandfather!

71. Babysit 10 times for my Mom for free - - -> I went and stayed with my brother and sister while my Mom ran some errands on Saturday, August 1st!'

81. Get the Johnson calendar up and look at once a week - - -> I need to take a picture really to prove this one, but it's been up and updated each week!

Take 10 road trips more than hour away - - -> As blogged about previously, we went to Lumberton, Tx July 24 through 27th to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins!

94. Dress appropriately for work for an entire week 4 times - - -> I'm on a streak, so hopefully I can finish it! And, just to clarify, it's not that I ever dress inappropriately for work, I just prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt, and not business like clothes. No one has ever said I couldn't wear a t-shirt, but, I'm an adult, and should dress like an adult, so I'm working on it.
Monday August 3
Tuesday August 4

So there you have it, lots going on!


Jim Johnson said...

My wife has looked smoking hot both days this week! No, really, SMOKING hot!
(Which is not to say that I don't like the jeans and t-shirt look...it's one of the things I love most about my wife. However, sometimes it's nice to see her dressed up. Have I mentioned that she has looked smoking hot?)

Chelsea said...

Nice Jim. I think guys just like change. They like to see us in ways they don't see us every day. That's why Stephen loves when I cut my hair. It's a small change but he notices and likes it.

Doing great Sarah!!! Doesn't it feel good to get some of that done?