23 November 2008

Coming Together

Things are continuing to come together at the Johnson House. Our first house guests only smelled up the entire back part of the house, threw up Dr. Pepper in the sunroom, and demanded more pizza when they got here late (and the other guys had already eaten all of it). Ridiculous...Jim gets some extra gems in his crown for teaching those guys on Sunday Mornings.

Jim got his compost bin built. His goal is to have good compost ready for spring. We got our locks off and will replace them today. What? I didn't tell you about that? Jim (and the only reason I point out JIM is because I ALWAYS lose stuff and he NEVER does) lost the keys to our locks on our front gate and the back gate. We looked EVERYWHERE and so my Dad had to come take them off. Also, yesterday, my WONDERFUL Dad installed an electrical switch down through the attic and wall to our exhaust fan. We were able to make breakfast rolls this morning, carbon monoxide free!

Today will hopefully be more cleaning and homework for me. Jim will continue to clean up the front yard and finish his compost bin.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

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