01 December 2008

A New Addition

We are officially out of our apartment. There are also, now, an entire room and a half of boxes that still need to be unpacked. That will happen AFTER I get done with finals (next Thursday).

This past weekend, Jim, with the help of his parents, put Christmas lights up. Big thanks to Grandmommy and Granddaddy for letting us have their old ones!

Our biggest announcement is that we got a puppy dog! Her name is Janey. She is eight months old and is a collie/heeler mix. She is so fun! She chews ANYTHING she can get in her mouth, including sticks, her bed, paper, her toys, and she has a weird habit of eating her feces. We're not totally sure about that, so we have to watch her closely! Weird, I know, but an important fact in our life right now. She has had no accidents in the house and is so sweet when she is sleeping! We love her!

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Chelsea said...

HAHA! "She's so sweet when she's sleeping!" Welcome to the world of dog ownership! Have fun with her!