03 December 2008

Janey Johnson...

Well, now that she has gotten used to things, she is definitely getting more comfortable and it is so fun to watch her personality come out. However, what is not so cute is when I get home and find her bed in complete shreds. We love her so much though! She is especially fond of Jim. She whimpers at the door when he leaves in the mornings and loves seeing him when he gets home. We went on another walk today, and she still just doesn't have it figured out. She walks RIGHT in front of me. If I wasn't pay attention, I would definitely trip or step on her.

I have two more days of class...PRAISE THE LORD!! Then next week I have two finals on Monday and one on Tuesday. I can't wait to be done with this semester. After finals are over, I can finally finish unpacking, cleaning, and getting the house all decorated for Christmas!! I love CHRISTMAS!!

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