06 December 2008

December already?

We can't believe that December is already here! Here is what's been happening in the Johnson household:
1. Janey went for her first vet appointment. She weighted 30.5 lbs! Clay (the vet) said she was overall healthy, but was going to have some dental problems, and had some bald spots that we are going to watch carefully. He gave us some good advice on different things, as well, which was really helpful, seeing as we are first time dog-parents.
2. Sarah has reached the end of her semester. She has two finals on Monday and then she will be done until January 17th. She is very excited for some time off. She has EIGHT classes left to take until she graduates. Praise the Lord!
3. We are going to get to go to Washington DC for Jim's work. He has a staff meeting to attend with the Congressman, so we are going to stay a couple of extra days and make it our anniversary trip. Jim has been before, but Sarah hasn't. We leave January 8th and will return January 11th.

That's all for now! As soon as Sarah gets done with finals, she hopes to get the house completely in order and decorated for Christmas. Can't wait...

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