09 December 2008

Janey's First Injury and GTD

Last night, Jim took Janey out to go potty before bedtime. I was already in bed reading, when I hear him laugh out loud (and anyone who knows Jim's laugh, knows that it is pretty loud) and ask Janey if she was okay. You see, our yard is divided almost directly in half by a chain link fence. It has one small gate in the middle of it. We usually leave it open. Janey LOVES to run around, and usually runs figure eights, always cutting it super close. Well, you guessed it; since it was night time, she ran into the fence. Well, Jim brings her in, laughing, and then I notice it: her eye is bleeding. I sprang into action (more annoyed I had to get out of my warm bed) and we decided she had only cut her eyelid and so we didn't need to call the doctor. It is still swollen, but I don't think it is bothering her too much.

Today, I stayed home from work (there wasn't anything to do, really) and was a productive housewife. I finally got our guest room put together, went grocery shopping, cleaned the bathroom, swept and mopped the hallway, and did some Wii fit. I love these kinds of days, and so does Jim. It makes me want to be a stay at home mom/wife all the more. Hopefully, especially when kids come along, that can be a reality.

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