27 December 2008

The End of 2008

It has been a while, so there is a lot to catch up on.

Jim has been off since noon on December 23; this is his first big vacation since we got married, and he is loving it. He continues to love his job and has been able to get a lot done around the house, and outside. He ordered his seeds to plant for spring.

Janey is doing well- she had to go back to the vet for a laundry list of things. She came home with the most awful smelling mite dip that made our entire house smell for at least four days. She also has two pills, one for inflammation (she started limping over the weekend) and one for her gastric system (she also had some issues with throwing up). She also had a tick behind her ear, which the vet treated, and it has already fallen off. The last thing she came home with were packets of powder called Forbid; yes, hopefully they will forbid her from eating her excrement. We are still waiting for these results...

Christmas was incredibly busy and such an incredible blessing for us. We got everything from queso bowls to tools, pajama pants to snow globes, and from dog toys to a new flat screen tv. We got tons of gift cards and money and a fire pit. Of course, the presents aren't the reason for Christmas...

The house continues to come together- I keep moving things around, probably getting on Jim's nerves. I keep making plans, and pricing things for getting the rooms JUST how I want them.

If I think of anything else, I'll get back to ya!

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