21 January 2009

Baseball in January

Sarah and I are settling in for bed right now (who am I kidding...she's been asleep for 30 minutes) and, as part of our normal bedtime tradition, I turned on the Texas Rangers game radio broadcast.  Yes, baseball doesn't start again for another 2 months...we are listening to an archived game through MLB.com from May 6, 2008.  There is just something about a baseball game on the radio that is relaxing and comforting; we both sleep better when we fall asleep to the Rangers...and I am well aware how weird it is to listen to a baseball game that is over 6 months old.

Are there any weird daily habits you've developed that people on the outside would think are goofy but which serve you well?


Sarah said...

My mom grew up listening to baseball games as she fell asleep, and I have done it from time to time. It really is relaxing!

As for those daily habits, I can't think of anything, though I'm sure my husband could spout off a few if you asked him.

Chelsea said...

Well I can't fall asleep if there is noise so I definitely can't relate. But I have my own weird traits...

Every morning, I get up at 5:50, take a shower (in the dark), throw my hair in a towel, and go back to sleep until 6:40. Don't ask. I just do it. Is that weird enough?

Then there is always my severe chapstick addiction. (It takes ~21 days for me to get through a tube.)