30 January 2009

Brutally Honest About....

Today makes two full weeks that I have gotten up before 6 in the morning and today was day 2 of being at the gym at 6 am to work out with Justin and Amber. However, yesterday I learned that you, or rather I, with all of my tummy issues, should not drink a glass of orange juice because it is too acidic for me to work out on. The plan is to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and then lift weights. Yesterday, I got to almost 30 minutes and all of the sudden, it hit me. I had to make a run for the bathroom. I had so little time, that I couldn't even find the light and had to wait until Amber came in there to turn on lights for me. I felt so bad, all of the sudden. Had an awful tummy ache and just wanted to go home and go back to sleep. After a second trip, I finished up my workout, and headed home, only to sit in our bathroom for another 30 minutes at least. I missed class that day, and just felt crummy.

Today, though, I just didn't eat breakfast before going to work out. I felt fine and didn't have to make any emergency trips to the bathroom, but I definitely could tell that my body was a little less energized. I'll pick being a little less energized over pooping my brains out- it seems to be the lesser of the two evils.

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Chelsea said...

1. In the first sentence, you need to tell us who is writing. (Jim or Sarah)

2. My family also suffers from moddy tummies. I never drink OJ in the morning. It always results in issues. We call it a "pain"... We've have family members pull over to the side of the raod from a pain. I can relate. It sucks!!

3. Good for you and the gym! That's awesome. One of these days, Stephen and I will get our butts back to the gym.