09 January 2009

Washington DC: Day 1,2 and 3

We left Wednesday at 330 to go to Dallas for the night. Grace and Maddie Johnson are house and dog sitting with the help of Sherrie, Jim's Mom, during the day since the girls are in school. As soon as we got to the metroplex, we headed to Addison to see my friend Emily, and her husband Joe, and their new lab puppy Kai. The puppy was SO cute, and it was so fun to see them. Their apartment was also very nice and I wished we could have stayed longer; but they had to go to church, and we were starving. We met with Jim's friend Jason and his wife Candis for dinner at one of my favorite places, Macaroni Grill. It was super fun to chat with them and just hear about their life. Then we headed to the hotel to go to bed early, because yesterday was going to be a long day.

Our wake up call came on Thursday at 345 am. We left for the airport at 415, and got there before workers were. We had to wait for people to show up to check us in and send us through security. We got all checked in by 5 and our plane didn't take off until 635 am. I got some breakfast, and watched the time go slowly by. We finally boarded a little early, and landed safely in DC around 10 local time (we gained an hour traveling). We found our luggage, and headed for the metro. It was the first time I had ever ridden on a Subway and it was way fun. After trekking around, finding our hotel, and checking in, we found a Corner Bakery in the same building as our hotel, grabbed some lunch, and then I laid in bed the rest of the afternoon while Jim worked.

I was supposed to be downstairs in the lobby to meet John (Roberta's husband- a co-worker of Jim's) so that we could take a cab to the capitol. All of Congressman Thornberry's staff was having dinner. We ate at this place called the Old Warehouse in Alexandria, VA, and it was delicious. We came home to watch the disappointing BCS championship game.

This morning, Jim had to be at the capitol by 9. I laid around, got up about 930 to get some breakfast at McDonald's and walk around the neighborhood we are staying in. There wasn't really much to do, so I went to Border's and got a new book called Still Alice.

I came back, and, you guessed it, laid around. Showered, read, got on the computer, and watched TV. Now I'm just waiting for Jim to get off of work (around 5).

The picture is the views from our hotel.

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Sarah said...

Hey Sarah! I saw you guys commenting over on Chelsea's blog. It's good to see y'all in the blogging world too :o)

I hope you all have a good time during the rest of your DC trip. I went there during the summer of 2006 and LOVED it. All the museums and monuments were so neat to visit. I wish I had had time to go by the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, but I guess that will have to wait for a future visit!