20 February 2009

Disappointments and Surprises

Sarah here. I have a disappointment and a surprise to tell you. Bad news first...

I joined Breland Health and Fitness club here in town so that I could keep my new year resolution and lose about 20 lbs and and 10% of my body fat. (And that's the weight/fat I need to lose to be healthy; I'm not just freaking out about being skinny.) I joined on January 28th and have worked out at least three times a week (if not four or five most weeks) and yesterday, I weighed and did the body fat analyzer. Results: I have lost 1.4 lbs (not bad, but not great) and gained .5% body fat. SERIOUSLY? How does that happen? Jim encouraged me to keep working out, so we'll just see what happens. I'm trying to avoid giving up Dr. Pepper completely, but it may come down to that. Bummer...

Good news...On Valentine's day, Jim took me to the AT&T store to get an iPhone. The deal was that when we paid off my credit card, I could get an iPhone. Well, we were able to do that with our tax refund. When we got to the store, I was so disappointed. I was going to have to wait till May 13th because of upgrade options to save $200. I was so let down. I had been waitnig so long for it. But, I was going to have to put my big girl pants on and get over it, and I did. Thursday morning, we had an all staff meeting at church. Our Pastor went before us to let us know that everyone was receiving a bonus because our church had been so blessed this past year. Praise God for His blessings! Not just because I get to take part in it, but to be out of debt, and still growing, is just such a blessing for a church body. Because of that, though, without me asking, Jim said that I could go purchase my iPhone as long as I saved the other half. YES! I was so excited!

I love the phone. It's just so smart and it syncs with my laptop. I love things that help me stay organized, and so I'm really really excited and grateful to be an iPhone owner.


Jim Johnson said...

If I sound like I'm an overbearing husband when it comes to finances...I guess I am a little bit. I ask for Sarah's input on money decisions but feel that it is my job as the head of our family to be a good steward of what the Lord gives us financially. I'm also more of a saver than a spender while Sarah is tilted the other way (proof that God knows what He's doing when He gives us a spouse who is different in some fundamental areas). I was glad that the wife was able to get an iPhone...I haven't seen her that excited in a while!

kimberly said...

ok... this is hilarious! I feel like I learn about marriage just by reading yall's blog interactions!

Sarah said...

First, Jim - you don't sound like an overbearing husband, so no worries.

Second, Sarah, have you changed what you're eating at all? Also, John & I recently gave up Dr. Pepper (mostly) in order to be healthier. We have a can once a week at our Bible Study, which allows us to keep it out of the house. We were/are pretty addicted to the stuff though. Here's what worked for us in weaning off, if you try it, I hope it works for you too!

I will drink a cup of hot Earl Grey tea in the morning for my caffeine kick. I add a spoonful of sugar and about 2-3 Tbsp of low fat milk. I think it's pretty yummy and it has the same amount of caffeine as Dr. Pepper and far less sugar & calories. (I think a Dr. Pepper is around 140 in calories. A cup of tea is about 40.)

Also, I drink sparking water to get my fix on carbonated water. I know sparkling water can be expensive, but if you go to www.sodaclub.com, you can get your own device to MAKE sparkling water. It's freaking awesome! We got one today, and I plan on blogging about it in the next couple of days. It was only about 35 Euro and will make about 175 litres of sparkling water with 1 CO2 tank. (Replacement tanks are about 7 Euro.)

Sorry for the long comment! Just one more thing: congrats on the iPhone!