04 February 2009

In the Doghouse

Janey is in the doghouse. This week, Jim came home at lunch and she had had her way with the house. In the mornings, it is still pretty chilly here so we don't want to put her outside just yet. Usually, we shut the door that leads from the living room into the back part of the house and shut the door that goes from the dining room into the kitchen. She has the living room and dining room to play and look out all the windows, plus her favorite chair. And for the past 2 months or so, it has been the perfect situation. She stays in those front rooms until lunch when Jim comes home and lets her outside.

Apparently, she has gotten bored with that.

When Jim came home this week, Janey had discovered that she could push the swinging door open between the dining room and kitchen. The first stop was the trash can, one of her favorite things to eat. Then she had a little fun with my crocs, got into the bathroom trash can, and then made her way to the sunroom.

She has already torn up a chair in the sunroom (dug into the arm). That chair is right next to the table that is holding Jim's plants. She proceeds to get onto the table, apparently, eat three pots of plants and half a bag of soil. WHAT A MESS! For dessert, she heads back into the dining room, and eats 4 candles.

Later on that night, she did her business on the bath mat again! This is like the 10th time I've had to wash this bath mat, so we decide to throw it out. So, last night at Wal Mart, we got a brand new one! We got home about 9 pm, and Jim started cooking him some dinner (I wasn't hungry) and I started watching TV. An hour later, I go into the bathroom, and you will not believe it: she had pooped on the NEW BATH MAT! SERIOUSLY?

I don't know what we are going to do!

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Sarah said...

Man, you guys, I am sorry! I hope y'all are able to find a good training solution that Janey really responds to.