12 February 2009

Let there be dirt!

Jim here, I was off on Monday so that I could do some much needed garden preparation. Just so you know, I have zero skills when it comes to building things or rigging up workable contraptions...I had no access to it growing up and just never learned how to do any construction or repair stuff. However, I have somewhat gotten over my fear of messing up so I will at least try to do things now. I had to put up a fence around the area where I'll be growing veggies and fruit because Janey loves to go produce shopping. In fact, if this gate were not here, she would have already eaten the pea seeds which are planted as well as the blackberry plant I have started. I took away half of her back yard area but it will be worth it if Sarah and I can have our own supply of good food. Not to mention, I am LOVING this gardening stuff. It is still too early to plant most items (grapes, blackberries, and peas are the exceptions right now) but I have a thriving greenhouse going in our sun room at the back of the house. My wife is fantastic for letting me have free reign in the yard and sun room to try my hand at growing!


Chelsea said...

That'll be great, Jimbo! We are also going to have a garden. I mainly want herbs but maybe a few veggies. Right now we've got some tomatoes growing. They aren't getting very big though. There's one about to be ready and it's about the side of a ping pong ball! Hopefully we'll improve!

The Texas Trembleys said...

hope the gardening works out... i like tomatoes!

Jim Johnson said...

Herb gardens are great! It is wonderful to be able to think about a meal, start preparing it and run out to your own herb garden to grab those 4 basil leaves you need or a handful of rosemary!