13 February 2009

Small things...

Jim here, first things first. Most of you know that I grew up in a Southern Baptist Convention church and it was a great church to grow up in. Jesus brought me to Himself and helped me grow in my faith there. Well, Baptist youth groups are interesting places. I say this for a lot of reasons but especially because I remember there being a trend my sophomore or junior year where guys and girls began writing down lists of traits he/she wanted in his/her spouse. I remember meeting students from all sorts of faith and denomination backgrounds at OU and I don't think I ever met someone who had done this list-making thing who wasn't from a Baptist youth group. I could be wrong though.

Anyway, I actually never did this but I thought about it a lot. And, it's funny, Sarah is the perfect woman for me for a lot of reasons. It's a lot of the small things that no list made in high school could have captured which causes me to so completely dig my wife.

For example, when trying to come up with something romantic to do for Valentine's Day...I came up with the following. I am giving her a certificate for a pedicure (she REALLY wanted that). However, we are also driving down to Southlake (it's in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory. However, that is all secondary to the main reason we are traveling there...in Southlake lies Sarah's favorite store on the face of the earth...The Container Store. Yes, for Valentine's Day, I will be taking my wife on a small shopping spree at The Container Store. And, you know what, she is PUMPED!

Never in a million years would I have put on a list: "Organized...so organized that going shopping at The Container Store is equivalent to shopping at Neiman's for most girls."


Chelsea said...

The Container Store makes me giddy! So does office supplies. I imagine Sarah also loves office supplies!

Have a fantastic Valentine's Day. Sounds like fun!

PS- My sister made a list. It hung on the bathroom mirror.

Sarah said...

I love it! I hope you guys have a great day!

And by the way, my sister had my make that list when I was in high school or early college. Honestly, I think it's silly, but she made me do it. (And she isn't Baptist nor did we grow up in a Baptist home, so I guess we're the odd balls of the bunch with the list making.)