24 March 2009

Spring Break Trip Day #2 and #3

Spring Break Day #2 was so fun!! We got up took showers and headed to the park in their neighborhood. We hung out, played on the merry-go-round, chalked it up, and took some pictures, thanks to my aunt Joy! Next, we drove an hour south to Crystal Beach. In this area, the sea came onland 17 miles, obviously destroying everything in its path during Hurricane Ike. It felt very weird to be there, and see with my eyes the destruction that was caused. I fell asleep and got really sunburned, and am now starting to peel on my face. BUMMER! Oh well, it was really fun and really worth it! We ended the day by eating at a Cajun restaurant that was VERY yummy! The drive home, although not as eventful as the drive there, was still long. Zach nearly drove everyone crazy, but no one threw up so I consider it a great trip! Here are just a few pictures here!

When we returned, we met my family at Parkway for my Dad's Birthday! He turned 47! I got to see my family and it was fun eating dinner with them and not having to cook after a long day of driving. Big thanks to Sherrie for staying at our house and taking care of our sweet puppies!

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