24 April 2009

Blogging Absence

To all two of our faithful readers, I (Sarah) have been unfaithful to you. And in fact, I will continue to have to take some time away from the blog. As you may know, if you read the blog, I took on a little too much right here at the end of the semester. Well, I finally got the video done yesterday, and the lady said it was "great!" So that made me happy. But now, I have 9 days to finish a 12 page paper (I have 1 1/2 pages done) and also to do a 3 page paper. Then, that will leave me 11 days to study for my final in that same class. It is very doable, but I just need to stay on task. So, until, at least, May 4th, unless something HUGE just comes up, I may not see you again! : (

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Good luck with everything, Sarah! I know how overwhelming it can feel. I know you'll do a great job though.