16 April 2009

Learning to Say No

My entire life, I have been a competitive, overachiever slash perfectionist; and I don't say this to brag. Add people pleaser to that list, and you are cooking up a good case of anxiety. All of this added together, and you can see that I have a terrible problem saying the word "no."

March 31, I am staying pretty busy, but not overwhelmed. I work 8-5, Monday through Friday, use my lunch hour on three of those days for school, meet with a girl I have been meeting with for about 4 years, once a week, meet with another girl every other week, doing a Beth Moore Bible study with a group of girls, and I'm also a math tutor twice a week. That's plenty to do.

So why did I add something else? Because I thought it would be a quick buck, and it was stupid. I agreed to edit a video for a local high school soccer team, and it just isn't worth my time. The video needs to be done in a week and I have a 12-page and 3-page paper due in a little over 22 weeks. And I'm starting all of it today.

Guess I should have added procrastination to the list.


Stephen said...

Holy crap you're going to do alot! Way to push the extremes of your ability to organize, prioritize, and be proactive.

Just try and get some sleep!

Jim Johnson said...

It's funny you should say that because Sarah decided at the end of last week to make a concerted effort to get LESS sleep so she could accomplish more.

Me? Who needs sleep?