04 April 2009

Migraines and things that cause them

Sarah here. One thing I deal with on a monthly basis (usually) is awful migraines. Not just a bad headache, but a nausea-causing, shakes my whole body, can't move without crying, headache. Now, obviously, I try to take medicine before they get that bad, and actually, it's been a while since that happened. But not today.

My church help put together an event to help support the cause of Christian Women's Job Corp (CWJC) here in Wichita Falls. CWJC is an intense 10-week time of courses, just like college, only you are learning life skills, how to do a certain job, and many of other classes. They want these women who come through the programs to 
develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. Over 300 women came to the Women's Tea, and it was really fun. I had invited Jim's grandmother to come with me since we had an extra seat at our table, and we had a great time. But, about 30 minutes into this two hour event, it hits me- that little nagging feeling in the front of my head- I'm getting a headache. I had no where to go to get medicine, no one had any at my table, and so it just got to build and build. That was around 2:30. When I finally got home at 5:00 (the event was over at 4:00, Grandmommy wanted to see our living room, and then I had to take her home and I visited for a while) I didn't want to do anything except get into a bad with a cold rag on my face and 3 advil inside me. After a bought with the trash can that Jim had brought me, I finally was able to lay still enough for long enough to fall asleep. 

Here I am now, a little after 9, waking up, with a headache, but a manageable one. Usually it takes a couple of days for it to fully go away, but I'll take anything over this afternoon.

In other news, and to tell you about something that is probably being a pain in my neighbor's head, is an issue she has been having with her water. When we moved in, last October, if you pulled into our driveway, and got out on the driver's side, without pulling up directly in between the houses, you got out and stepped into a 
muddy mess. Our neighbor, Kathy, is an older lady, who clearly had a leak. It wasn't until this past month that she got it fixed, and I think that was because a tree fell in her backyard, and I think messed up her water pipelines. She had to move out for a while while everything was fixed. Anyone, fortunately for us, the water dried up and it was awesome. No longer did I have to warn people about getting out and stepping into mud or feeling bad when I had forgotten to remind them and they ruined a good pair of shoes. 

This past week, she told us they were going to be coming to dig a new trench to lay some new water lines. They did, and on a random side note, the guy that was digging it had parked in front of our house, and then lost his keys in all the dirt he had dug up. I felt so bad. He did eventually find them whenever they went back and filled it in. They dug the new trench, and finished everything up, and we woke up the next day (yesterday) to what: water, coming from her water hole. The city came out, and this is what I drove up to this afternoon after running some errands this morning.

Crazy- they have dug a HUGE whole with this HUGE tractor, and are draining water from it- it is literally projectioning out of the hole.

I hope they get everything fixed- I feel so bad that she has to deal with it and really has no control over the situation. And, I don't want to go back to a soggy drivers' side of my driveway either.


Sarah said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with those headaches. My sister used to go through regular bouts with migraines but hasn't had them in several years now, so hopefully yours will go away with age too (or miraculously tomorrow, I hope!).

Jim Johnson said...

It wasn't funny at the time but, c'mon, who can't laugh at losing your keys in a ton of dirt?!