03 April 2009

Random Thoughts

I got to work a little late this morning, maybe like 5 minutes. That's because I didn't get out of bed to take a shower until 7:51. My plan last night was to get up at 6 to go work out at the gym, but that obviously did not happen. So, here I am at work, hair in a messy bun, still wet, with my Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers shirt on.

This semester, I have taken on two additional on the side jobs. One, is a one time only thing for this semester, and that is Video Editing. Through my time as an intern for Junior High here at First Baptist and as the Upward Sports Director, I had to learn how to take the footage that was recorded at an event, edit it, and make a video. Now, I'm not amazing at it, and it's not something I would want as a job right now, but I can do it. My Dad was assigned to film every girls soccer game for my alumni Rider High School (my step-sister is the starting goal keeper for Varsity) and he was going to use me to make the end of the year video. When it didn't work out, I wasn't crushed. But, he did send my name to the guys side of the program, and I will be producing their end of the year video. Kind of random, but I'm excited. The other job is something I've done before, and that is tutoring, specifically in math, for Junior High and Lower High School grades. Who couldn't use a little extra income?

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