02 April 2009

Mission: Better Blogging

Sarah here.

Some of you may not know (including my husband) that this isn't the first blog I've ever authored. I had one in high school, that I kept more as an online journal. It was through blogspot, and I think two people read it (I think I have 3 followers on this blog). Eventually, I copied everything off the blog, printed it out, and deleted the account and moved on to writing in a journal. I've always loved journaling, and always wished I did it more. I guess that makes me a sentimental person, but I like looking back and seeing where I've come from, and how I got through different things. I've always been the girl who keeps cards that people give me; according to Love Languages, mine is words of affirmation, so I just really appreciate those things, because I can look back and be encouraged. For example, as a gift for Jim, I had saved EVERY email and facebook correspondance that we had during the time we were getting to know each other before dating. I printed them all off, and scrapbooked an entire binder full of all of those notes in chronological order. (Random shout out: I can remember working on it at my high school soccer coach's house (I was house-sitting) with Cassidy. We made Taco Ring to eat, watched a Knight's Tale, and she helped me. Love you girl!)

So, when I started this blog, I wanted to be able to remember everything about buying a house and making it our home. While I think I've gotten the major things in, I don't get to post on this as often as I would like. There are few blogs I read EVERY DAY, and I just want to be like them, posting everyday with relevant things- I honestly feel like a Blogger Failure.

So, I'm on a mission to become a better blogger. Any advice is welcome. 


Chelsea said...

You are not a blogger failure! I love reading about the Johnsons! I would be SO excited to be able to read a new post each day. YAY!

We are very similar Sarah... it's creepy!

Jim Johnson said...

I second Chelsea's comments. You aren't a blogger failure and you have had a lot on your plate since school got going again. I'm proud of what a great job you did on our living room and that you're my wife. I love you!

Sarah said...

I third Chelsea's comment. You're not a blogging failure. It's HARD to write most days. With having school the past two weeks and everything, I have hardly had time to update our blog or even keep up with everyone else's blogs that I read.

The best advice I can give is keeping a list of topics you want to talk about so when you get a chance to write for a few minutes, you will hopefully have a topic ready to go. It makes the writing much easier (at least for me!).