01 April 2009

Update on Life

Sarah here, with a few updates from life at the Johnson's.

1) Janey Johnson is clearly letting us know that she is not happy to have a little sister. The past two nights she has decided that it would be fun to use the bathroom, both kinds, in the sunroom, that tilts off the back of our house at a small angle. This causes it to run down the grout lines covering the entire sunroom. The smell was overwhelming the past two nights- Jim mopped the floor entirely once, and I did again last night. I tried to convince myself that she was trying to get out, being that she was in the sunroom, which is where the back door is, but Jim was mad. If she did it again, she was going to have to sleep outside. Well, she woke us up this morning to go outside, and we were so proud of her! But, when Jim got up, she came in from being outside, and less than a minute later, peed right there.

2) The living room is coming together. It is finally starting to feel like my home and not just a house I live in. After being at a friend's house this past weekend, I was thinking to myself how peaceful and homey it was being there, and realized that not having that feeling at my house may be the cause of some of my negativity toward my house. Here is some updated pictures from two nights ago- there has been some more additions, but I'll wait to post some final pictures:

3) Today is April 1st. Crazy- March FLEW by! I'm so excited for Spring and Summer to get here. I don't like the cold! I prefer summer and spring! Summer for the lake, and spring for the thunderstorms. I have NOTHING to do at work today, so I'm extremely bored and tired. Before I signed on to post this blog, I was thinking about how I could just fall asleep right here.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE the color green yall chose! Can you send me the name of the brand and color please? I'm trying to figure out what color to paint our room.

Sarah said...

Béni had a naughty accident the other day too. We had just taken him out about 25 minutes prior and he just randomly peed in our living room. We were NOT happy, especially since that one wasn't our fault (usually we blame ourselves if we haven't taken him out in a few hours...he has to go out about every 2.5-3 hours during the day and every 6 at night).

Also, your living room looks great! I know I was a fan of the wood trim, but I do like what you guys did with it. Good work! (And, like Chelsea, I love the color!)