08 April 2009

Walking is for losers

So call me a loser then. I am in the sixth week of marathon training and I think that it's going extremely well. I have been able to handle everything that's been thrown at me so far with no problem. This is the first stage of training and the goal is to get me to able to run at a conversational pace for 30 minutes straight (conv. pace for me is around 10:30 for a mile). Right now, that means running 6 minutes, walking 2 minutes, running 10 minutes, walking 2 minutes (do that twice). This is a great way to build up conditioning because the walking breaks allow me to mentally tackle the running segments because they are broken down into doable portions. The biggest jump of training happens next week when I go to run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute (three times).

I was telling Sarah last night after I got home from playing tennis that I think I may be in the best aerobic shape of my life right now. Tennis was easy and I feel like the runs, while challenging, aren't just killing me. Now if I could only lay off the Kahlua cake...

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