13 May 2009

Bad Mornings and Fun Nights

Do you ever have mornings where you just wake up in a bad mood? And then, every little thing that happens just gets on your nerves even more, even things that on a regular day you would just normally let roll of your back? I'm totally having one of those mornings and I just want to go back home and get in my bed.

Last night was a really great night. Right after work, Jim and I headed to a 9th grade girls Bible Study. A woman I teach with in 5th and 6th grade LIFE groups (which is Sunday School at our church) also teaches a 9th grade girls Bible Study (she has two daughters in 9th grade). They were going through the book Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth that Will Set them Free and one chapter they were on suggested that they invite a couple to the group to share about their relationship in dating, and their thoughts on dating in high school, looking back; one of those what do you wish you would have known then what you know now, questions. It was such an honor to be asked to do that, and it was such a sweet time with those girls (who I used to be an intern for). They wanted to hear all the details of how we met, how the relationship progressed to dating, how Jim popped the question, and what advice we would give looking back. What would you have said?

After taking sweet Maddie home (who turns 16 on Friday! We've been meeting on a weekly basis since she was in 5th grade, so it just makes me feel really old....AH!) we went home and watched the Rangers WIN (and since the Angels LOST) and become 1.5 games ahead in the AL West! I did study a little for my final on Friday- but I've got about 100 pages left to go, so I probably should start on that tonight. I really hate school.

So now I'm at work, looking at my to do list for the day and not really motivated to do anything. Maybe I'll go get me a Dr. Pepper and that will help.


Chelsea said...

Dr. Pepper usually helps! :)

Your comment on my blog made me SO excited. I can't believe you two are coming so soon! Sadly, it's not looking like our bathroom is going to be done. So we'll all have to share. :(

Jim Johnson said...

What she didn't say was that every little annoyance was caused by her husband. I'm always annoying...sometimes, it's worse than others! :)