28 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Sarah here. This past weekend was so wonderfully good. It began on Thursday before noon as we headed down 281 toward Austin, Tx. We had a table reserved at 7:30 at Kerbey Lane on Kerbey Lane for 11. While everyone wasn't able to make it (especially hope you are feeling better Mrs. Lam!), it was still a great time of catching up and good conversation. Jim even rubbed himself a blister on one of his elbows talking about things that just fired him up.

Friday, Jim had breakfast with James, and I went to Marshalls. We don't have Marshalls in Wichita Falls, only a Ross, and while Ross is great, Marshalls is SO much better. But, moving on...we left Austin for Houston around 4.

Houston was awesome. We stayed with the Hurst's who made it an awesome, relaxing weekend. They have a sweet pup named Rookie, an awesome house, and generally just made it a great, no-stress, relaxing weekend for us. We went to two (count em' TWO) Ranger games in Minute Maid Park (that has a roof- glad for it because it rained a lot, but never could get used to watching a baseball game INSIDE) and ate at this great restaurant called Boondoggles. We left Sunday, for the long drive home, and got to our house around 11.

Monday was going to be a day of rest and recuperation (I have no idea if that is how you spell that) but we ended up going to the lake, trying out a new tube, I got sunburned (yes, I did wear sunscreen), and then had two of my dear friends from high school over for dinner.

Then, I had to come back to work Tuesday. Bummer-- but I guess it pays the way for me to have such wonderful vacations! Thanks Hursts! We love you guys!

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Chelsea said...

We had a great weekend too. I only wish I wasn't feeling crappy. I'm scared to open the strawberry jame because then it'll be gone. And I don't want it to be gone. But I want to eat it.

What a pickle...