01 June 2009

Not Me Monday

Today's NOT ME MONDAY post has been compiled over the last couple of weeks- 

I did not leave raw chicken and beef in their grocery sacks on the table after I dropped them off at home one Tuesday. I was running errands, and did the shopping on my lunch break.

The next morning, I took a shower and was shaving my legs, when all of the sudden the water goes cold. I did not just decide to not suffer through it and only shave one leg. Even if I had, I definitely would not have worn cropped pants so that it was noticeable.

Last week, I did not make two huge mistakes in a row using Hotwire.com for the first time. After booking a hotel room for one couple coming to camp with us, I did not book a second hotel for only one night when I should have booked it for two. Then, I definitely did not go and rebook another night, without changing the dates. This (if I would have done it) would have left me with three different rooms for the same night instead of the one room for one night and another room for two nights. I would not make such a huge mistake. It also did not take me about 2 hours to beg and plead with hotwire.com to allow me an extra "courtesy" refund to make everything right.

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Sarah said...

Great "Not Me!" Monday, Sarah! I'm glad you were able to get things sorted out wtih Hotwire.