29 May 2009

Sitting at the Ranger Game (#2), I was reminded of a family sitting behind us at Saturday's game in Houston. The dad clearly didn't know much about baseball. One of the first things he said was "Baseball games are much better in person." Duh!

Anyway, the Rangers are now up 4-1 in the top of the 2nd. This is because they decided to intentionally walk Chris Davis (who leads the Rangers in strikeouts), load the bases, thinking the next batter, Taylor Teagarden (Hook em' Chelsea!!) would be an easy out. He then got a hit and scored two runs.

I told Jim that deciding to walk Davis cost the A's the game. He said it was too early to say that and he's right. Anything can happen- especially with the Rangers.

The family I spoke of early left that game on Saturday early saying that no one comes back from a 5-1 deficit. While the Astro's didn't come back, I turned around, not being able to take his stupidity anymore, to tell him that anything could happen with Rangers.

He clearly didn't go to many games.

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Chelsea said...

Ugh, yeah. That guy was ridiculous! All the did was eat nachos, ice cream, and cotton candy made with sugar and chemicals! :)

Yay Taylor. Love that guy!