19 June 2009

Raw cookie dough can kill you? (Jim)

Well, I'm a little nervous. Apparently, Toll House Cookie Dough has been contaminated with E. coli and eating it raw has hospitalized some people.

I ate four of those little chocolate chip squares (before baking) last night! I'm telling all of you this so that if I end up dead from cookie dough poisoning, you'll know who to blame!

ON a serious note, every time I see one of these stories I become more convinced that eating processed, packaged, or pre-prepared food from an industrial food source is a bad idea (and that's before you consider the ethics of how factory food is made and what it is doing to our bodies).

Hopefully, I am not on my way to food poisoning from cookies!

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

My dad has been telling my since I was a little girl that cookie dough can kill me. But I like to live on the wild side so I eat is anyways. I hope you don't die... But I would argue that there are worse ways to go... :) Cookie dough leading you to meet Jesus?? Sounds pretty great to me!