18 June 2009

Street View, Camps, and Crisis

Google's Street View Car: Take a look at the vehicle that's looking at you!

If you click on the above link, you will see a picture of a car who, and many others like it, drove up and down most every street in the United States to bring you "Street View" on Google Maps.
A cool feature, but is it really that necessary? I haven't had ANY time yet where having it on my iPhone has made a big difference. But, it's cool to look at pictures of places where you've been out of town and where your friends live.

Okay, enough about that-
I have been overwhelmed and stressed to the max (at least until Wednesday) and all details have been finalized for Junior High Camp 2009. Our theme is "The City" and we are spending 4 days and 3 nights at the Great Wolf Lodge, in Grapevine, Texas. We are taking 110 people and I'm excited, but pray and hope I haven't overlooked everything. Basically, camp for me will be fun once the last child has gone home Friday night.

Today has been a testing week- there are issues going on for both Jim's family and mine, and it's just been a hard week. But, we are looking to the Lord for comfort and guidance.


Chelsea said...

I have always wondered!!! They did our neighborhood during Christmas time so if you look up my parents you can see these giant nativity things in their front yard!

Sarah said...

I saw one of those cars in SA and again in Heidelberg. They're funky looking!

As for the usefulness of street view, I like it! I use it when I'm going somewhere new, so I know what the place looks like without having to see the address. It seems like most new places I go have hard time find street numbers...does that sound sketchy? It's not. I promise.