13 July 2009

Evil Garden Critters!

Behold the picture of evil in the garden. He sure doesn't look all that vicious does he? But this, my friends, is a Tomato Hornworm (I'm pretty sure) and he will devour a tomato plant (the leaves of that plant to be specific) in the course of an evening if allowed to ravage unmolested. To be honest, they are beautiful to look at. But I watched this one go to town on a couple of tomato leaves and was astounded to see how quickly it ate the entire leaf. I found TWO on this cherry tomato plant. Fortunately, I did not have to kill these guys because it was time for me to uproot and compost the plant anyway (the heat has gotten to my tomatoes and they will not set fruit anymore nor will the fruit that's already there ripen). Just thought I'd share with you...

Oh, I'd also like to point out the "Jim's Shared Posts" section to the left. The one from today "The Part They Don't Tell You" is a fantastic statement about true community and its blessings and heartaches. I strongly suggest you read it.

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