14 July 2009


Quick update:

I am playing singles in the Wichita Falls City Championship tennis tournament this week and played my first match last night. I WON (6-2, 6-0)!!!

This is remarkable because it is my first victory in singles tournament play (bringing the record to 1-4) and I played fairly well. My next match is Wednesday @ 6pm.

In other news, the midnight Harry Potter showings are all sold-out so I will not be seeing that movie tonight. Sad day...


Chelsea said...

Do you want to hear something RIDICULOUS? A long time ago I did a post about Stephen being Harry Potter because he had a weird stain on his forehead. I posted a picture of Harry's face. If you google "harry potter's scar" and look at the images, I'm like the third one. So my stats have gone NUTS because everyone apparently wants to look at that picture the past couple days. Seriously, 171 people so far have clicked on that picture. ANNOYING! I don't like fake hits!

Sarah said...

Jim - That's awesome! Wish we could come support you. I love tennis. I played from 3rd-9th grade, and my brother has played from the time he was 5, so needless to say, I have been to a few matches. Good luck tonight!

Chelsea - I am now one of those "fake hits." I had to Google it and see your internet fame. :)