14 August 2009

Play by Play on my Morning Off

7:30- Finally get out of bed and put on my glasses, wad my hair up, and leave to take my car to the shop.

7:57- Leaving the Toyota Dealership and heading to take Jimbo to work. His grandmother was nice enough to let us borrow her car while ours is being fixed. What's being fixed on it? Well, a few things: first, the oil needing changing, second, the dome light inside only wor
ked when you pushed on it really hard against the ceiling, third, the stripping on the front passenger door was flapping in the wind, and last, there was belt under the hood that was making this shrilling, embarrassing noise. So, hopefully they can get it done quick and it won't be expensive.

8:15- Drop Jim off at work. We were listening to the Kidd Kraddick show and it was really funny! Kenzie had called into J.C.

8:28- I arrive back home, let the dogs back inside and get on the list of things I wanted to do this morning. Cleaning the sunroom is first on the list!

9:00- I get finished with the sunroom and take a break, next on the list- laundry switch and guest bedroom.

10:16- I finished cleaning the guest bedroom, folded and put away about 5 loads of laundry that had piled up on the bed in there, and put the last load of laundry in the dryer. The dealership also called to let me know that the belt and tensioner had gone out and would need to be replaced, but that the belt wasn't covered under warranty: $33. The dome light was going to be completely replaced, and covered under warranty- but couldn't be done until Tuesday. The big surprise was the stripping on the side- $160 and not covered under warranty. The oil change was $30 and I had a $50 deductible. So the stripping on the side of the door gets the hold- everything else will hopefully be done today. Now, time for a break- coconut cream pie and a coke!

10:30- Time to take a shower, since I haven't done that since
Wednesday morning.

10:46- So I got caught up on the computer reading blogs, checking email, and facebook- now I'm really getting in the shower.

11:17- Done with showering and have my hair dried- I get so hot blowdrying my hair, even with a fan blowing on the highest speed possible. It's the reason I don't straighten my hair often. It takes so long and I get so hot that it takes hours to cool back down.

11:25- The dealership called and the car is ready! WAHOO!

11:44- Hair is straightened and make up is on and I'm ready to go!!

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