06 August 2009


This past Friday, Jim and I stayed up a little later than normal. I had just gone to bed about 12:30, and Jim was up playing a game on the computer. I must have been in that state where you are dreaming, but not really completely asleep because real world happenings can still effect you- you know where something happens and you can't remember if you dreamed it or it really happened? Well, I thought I had dreamed it, but Jim came into the room and asked if I had heard something. I said, "Oh, maybe I did? I don't know. Go look out back!" And it turns out a tree branch had fallen and taken out a line. Here are the pictures from the next morning.

That window is (well was! I moved my bedroom around Sunday) where our headboard was; like my head literally would have just been on the other side of that window.

And here is the gigantic tree branch that fell. Unfortunately, no damage was done to Topanga, which has been parked since July 5th, so no free insurance money.
Once Jim realized what had happened that night, we called Oncor to come out and check the lines. We didn't know what kind of lines they were, if they were hot, or what. The guy got there about 1:45 and told us it was our telephone/cable line and that we would need to call our phone company. Well, it wasn't our cable line because our internet and cable were still working. Since we don't have landline phone service, it's basically just a useless phoneline. So we called our phone company...wait, we don't have a phone company?
I spend about an hour trying to figure out who to call. I finally resorted to calling 611 on my AT&T cell phone and asked them to transfer me to the landline department. There was NO WHERE on their website (not even under contact me) just a regular customer service number. They made you enter a word to describe your issue (IE Bill) and when I put in phone, they wanted a phone number (which we don't have). I finally spoke with someone who said they would come take care of it the next day, Sunday, to make sure and leave the gate unlocked.
Sunday morning while at church, we got a call saying they were going to come take care of it. It's now Thursday, and the phone line still lays draped across our property.
I do give HUGE compliments to my Jimbo who got out there with an ax and hand chopped that enormous branch apart and hauled it all away. Now, if they would come get the dumb wire...

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