07 August 2009

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

I'm not doing ANYTHING at work- like, there isn't even any more jobs to make up for myself to do. I've reorganzied my files, cleaned the office, finished the to do list- nothing to do. So, of course I jump on Google Reader to check out the latest blog posts. My friend Chelsea had written on her blog, and it was a new thing- and so, I'm totally stealing her idea. She is an awesome blogger, and I have a hard enough time coming up with stuff to write, so any help I find is awesome. So without further adu, (and I have NO idea how to spell that) here it is, Volume 1. Seven things that have nothing to do with each other, but that I want to tell you (whether you want to hear/read them or not).

- -> 1 < - -
Sunday is Jim's birthday, and I still haven't finished shopping. We're just having a little family get together tomorrow evening. He's so hard (or maybe I make it hard) to buy for. I've already gotten him 2 things, have an idea for 1 other, and still have $35 bucks to spend.
- -> 2 < - -
I definitely chose sleeping in this morning over getting up and taking a shower. So, my hair is wadded up in a messy bun, pinned back; I didn't do anything besides work and lay in my bed yesterday, so it was completely justifiable in my head.
- -> 3 < - -
I started reading the first Harry Potter book last night. It's on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days; so far, I'm indifferent. Not bored, but not at a point where I can't stop reading. We'll see....
- -> 4< - -
One of the jobs I have to do as an administrative assistant here at church is rotate with the other secretaries on mail duty. I love it (except for when it gets in the way of me taking the day off) because you get to run the mail through this machine that postmarks it, then you have to sort it, and it' just fun to me; I don't know why.
- -> 5 < - -
I'm on the search right now to find a really great facial cleanser that's not expensive and that I don't have to order because I always forget to order, then run out. Right now, I'm using an Aveeno foaming cleanser. I'm not too impressed so far...
- -> 6 < - -
AT&T still hasn't come to pick up our phone line, that I wrote about here. They called to confirm an appointment today that says they'll be coming tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.
- -> 7 < - -
I made an 82 on my final that I took yesterday for my Summer Class. This gets me a B, assuming I did well on the other things, so I'm happy. Taking a class in 6 weeks while working full time was hard. I'm never doing that again. Hopefully, I won't have to, because I'm set to graduate in May. Praise the Lord...

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shopannies said...

my son is awful to buy for as well but with him starting college he has asked for cash LOL