10 August 2009

Over the weekend...

Because I have wasted so much time and have some stuff I need to get done, here are the Johnson weekend happenings, bullet style, as seen by Sarah:
  • Friday evening, pedicure and school supply shopping with my mom (which was ridiculous considering she was doing it for 5 kids!)
  • Saturday morning- drive to Possum Kingdom Lake, feeling a bit uneasy. Started feeling better and actually got in the water.
  • Lunch at the Grille made me very sick.
  • Got back in the boat, but it was taking on more water than we were comfortable with
  • Waiting in line to load up the boat, I get incredibly sick and needed a bathroom immediately
  • An hour later, I'm still in pain, more embarrassed, and can't make myself go to the bathroom to save my life
  • Finally was able to go to the bathroom (sorry if it's TMI- such is life with IBS) at a gas station where I took some pepto and bought a roll of toilet paper should any unfortunate stops be required.
  • Get into the truck to come home and pray that I fall asleep so as not to think about the pain
  • Wake up about 20 minutes from home
  • Jim's birthday party with his parents and mine
  • Jim's birthday breakfast at the Diner
  • Church
  • Lunch at Jim's parents
  • Washer broke, but my Dad saved the day
  • Castaway Cove Waterpark Fun Day with our church
  • Home for cleaning/laundrying
  • SLEEP!
The end...

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